The installation of prepaid water meters is going progressively well in Molemole Local Municipality and Blouberg Local Municipality to improve cost recovery in water services.
Executive Mayor Cllr Mamedupi Teffo shared the latest progress during a media briefing held on 08 September 2023 and reported that in Dendron, 831 meters are already installed in households, 45 in business premises and 6 in government properties.
“In Morebeng, we have so far installed 127 in homes, 17 in businesses, and 8 in government premises. There is also massive progress in Blouberg where 682 smart meters are already installed for households, 35 for businesses, and 4 for government buildings in All Days”.
In Senwabarwana, she said the Municipality has so far managed to install 1,030 for households, 21 for businesses and 23 for government premises. “With these prepaid meters, consumers will be able to control their spending”, Executive Mayor said.
On the other hand, the Executive Mayor shared information on the submission of Annual Financial Statements by municipalities in the district. “All municipalities in the District met the deadline of 31 August 2023 for the submission of annual financial statements to the Office of Auditor General for audit. This important compliance with the law comes after two weeks of a Countdown mission which ensured that our municipalities were ready for submission in line with the Roadmap to Clean Audit that was launched in March this year”, said Executive Mayor.
The District Municipality has helped local municipalities to rebuild their capacity and overcome challenges towards achieving clean audit. This includes, amongst others, a quality review of all the sets of financial statements from Polokwane Municipality, Blouberg Local Municipality, Molemole Local Municipality and Lepelle Nkumpi Local Municipality before submission.
“We are optimistic about the audit process that is currently underway, and we are hopeful that the audit outcome will be positive for all municipalities and the pressure is on us – the District, to retain clean audit. But we hope for the best”, the Executive Mayor said.

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