Capricorn District Municipality held a public consultation meeting on the installation of the prepaid smart meters at Mogwadi in Molemole Local Municipality on 19 March 2022.

The rapid increase in the urban population also put pressure on CDM in ensuring that we provide good quality water and fix the water infrastructure. To meet the rising demands of urbanization, we also need adequate revenue tools to pay for services and infrastructure.

According to the Municipal Structures Act, (Act 32 of 2000 – Section 84), Capricorn District Municipality is a Water Service Authority. This means the municipality has the functions and powers to provide potable water supply systems and domestic wastewater and sewage disposal systems to communities falling under the area of its jurisdiction, however, customers have not been paying for the water they consume.

CDM is in a process of consulting communities to inform them about the new programme of installing smart water meters that will try and resolve the inconsistencies on billing system and consumption level.

“We are embarking on this programme in order to encourage customers to pay for water consumption that will assist the municipality to generate revenue. Water smart meters will assist them in monitoring their water usage” Executive Mayor Cllr Mamedupi Teffo said.

She further highlighted that installing of smart meters will first be implemented in Lebowakgomo, Dendron, Senwabarwana, Morebeng and Alldays under the #lefa o nwe meetse – Do it SMART.

“With these water smart meters the community will be able to pay only for water they have consumed. The installation of prepaid smart meters comes with revenue incentives. Customers are encouraged to contact the municipality and make arrangements so that their water bills are reduced according to the incentives we are giving. Cllr Teffo said.

“The municipality has already been to Lebowakgomo on 06 March 2022 and today we were consulting the community of Mogwadi in Dendron. The other communities are yet to be consulted”, said the Executive Mayor.

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