“The ICT Career Expo and Yarona Digital Literacy Programme is aimed at empowering and upscaling communities on basic digital literacy skills and is part of the department’s mandate to bridge the digital technologies and to draw more young people into the economy, by addressing the digital skills deficit,” said Deputy Minister for Communications and Digital Technology Philly Mapulane at the launch of Ya Rona Digital programme held on 21 April 2023.
Speaking at the launch, Deputy Minister Philly Mapulane also indicated, “In addition to the Ya Rona Digital Programmme, the department is also working with NEMISA and the SABC on Content Development for TV, Radio and online platforms. 500 youth will be trained in Film/Radio production. The content developed will feed into SABC Plus and NEMISA (OTT) Over-The-Top online Platforms”.
The department has recruited 15 unemployed youth from around the district to run the programme. The ambassadors will be trained by the department, and later on when done proceed to train communities on basic digital skills.
CDM’s Executive Mayor Cllr. Mamedupi Teffo thanked the Deputy Minister for choosing CDM to be part of the Programme. “Just by looking at you, the way you’ve been listening to the Deputy Minister, I can see you are disciplined ambassadors and I can safely say the future looks bright,” she said this to the ambassadors.

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