Happy Easter Weekend says Executive Mayor


We take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend. We have once again reached one of the


most momentous and sacred time of the year to travel to different places to re-unite with our families and




Capricorn District Municipality takes this opportunity to welcome all nations and provinces to our


Home of Excellence and opportunities for a better life, in particular all those who will be converging


at Moria for pilgrimage and other various places of worship, we wish you a peaceful period of


reflecting on Christ’s love and humility during this Easter Season. The District wishes you a warm


stay, and enjoy the beautiful tourism attraction of our Province.


As a District Municipality, we remain dependent on your prayers and guidance for wisdom,


strength and commitment in order to succeed in our course to transform your lives for the better


– so we can continue to give you much-needed prosperity, restore your dignity, give hope to the


poor, and heal deep social ills and divisions.


As you know, this is the time when we also expect mobility and traffic volumes to increase on


our roads. We therefore appeal to all road-users to increase their level of patience and tolerance


to other fellow road-users. Remember to call 0800 666 777 for any emergency.











Let’s all arrive alive!








Cllr. John Mpe, Executive Mayor



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