Festive season wishes from Capricorn District Municipality

Capricorn District Municipality wishes everyone a happy festive season.  

We have come to the end of 2019 and thus pleased with progress made in improving the lives of our residents and making Capricorn a safe, friendlier, liveable, growing region – thanks to the partnerships and support of communities and all our stakeholders. We thank you all for the enabling, empowering support.  

Festive season is a period of celebrations – celebrations that display unequal class positions. Being a caring and noble district that Capricorn is, we encourage the spirit of ubuntu to reign pervasively amongst us all so we can once again lend a helping hand to those in need during this festive period. 

A celebration can only be well and joyous if it ends well. Let us therefore choose forms of celebrations that expose us to zero risks of crime incidents, alcohol abuse and accidents. Let us obey all traffic laws and avoid unnecessary trips and movements. Let us also protect vulnerable groups such as women and children from harm and violence. 

We urge you to please use water and electricity wisely throughout the holidays. Let us remember to, at all times stay healthy and safety wise by keeping disasters, especially related to fires, out of our holiday celebrations. For any disaster or emergency, remember to call our toll free 0800 666 777. Municipal offices will stay open throughout the festive season

Once again, the Capricorn District Municipality wishes you well during this festive season and a prosperous 2020!

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