Happy Women’s Day to all women in the district


Capricorn District Municipality wishes all women in our district a happy Women’s Day. We join the rest of the country in celebrating and paying tribute to rocks that women are, their hardwork, dedication to inspiring and supporting each other in all spheres of our society. We salute you for drawing inspiration and strength from each other in ridding our region of gender stereotypes and seize socio-economic opportunities.




As a municipality that believes in women’s capability, we have high-impact social transformation programmes that we use to create an enabling environment for gender equality, empowerment and the participation of women in our developmental initiatives. And with such common vision, we wish to continue seeing our womenfolk, in an upbeat and lively spirit; happy at work; exploiting opportunities brought about by access to clean water, reliable electricity supply, an excellent road network and better education opportunities.




We salute you for striving to be pioneers, visionaries, game changers, extraordinary, grab-life-by-the-horns type of women. May this Women’s Day renew your vow to make your mark at home, at work and to use every ounce of talent within us to uplift one another and serve our nation.




Once again, we wish you a happy women’s day.


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