Executive Mayor convene a multi-party Covid-19 briefing

The Executive Mayor of Capricorn District Municipality Cllr John Mpe, as the leader of the District Command Council convened a multi-party Covid19 briefing meeting on 20 April 2020 at CDM Council Chamber. The purpiose of the meeting was for the Executive Mayor to share progress with leaders of political parties forming part of the CDM council.

The Economic Freedom Fighters was represented by its leader in council Cllr Oscar Motolla and Democratic Alliance by Cllr Androe Botha. The party leaders were also offered a chance to make inputs. Mayors, Speakers and Whips from our local municipalities were also there to support the initiative.

“It is very important during this lockdown that we feed information to everyone. We all represent different constituencies. It is therefore neccessary for us as leaders of different political parties in council to know what’s happening hence I convened this meeting to share progress” Mpe said.

The Executicve Mayor urged all leaders to be united and ensure the people in the district understand why we need to stay at home.

Immediately after the multi-party meeting, the Executive Mayor and the leadership went to Molemole for the handing over of water tanks at Skhwama, Sekakene and Sefene.

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