Executive Mayor best wishes to Learners

On behalf of the Capricorn District Municipality, I take this opportunity to wish all learners all the best in their final matric exam.

This is the most momentous yet stressful period in your schooling career. Your educators, the school and parents have done their part in preparing you for the future and for the world and now your future as individuals and the future of our district are in your very own hands and this exam determines what you make of it; and there’s no substitute for hardwork.

I am confident that you all realise the fact that this is only a beginning in a life-long journey of personal empowerment and fulfillment through education. As the government of the day, we have made a commitment that no child should be denied access to education, including tertiary education simply because such a child does not have financial muscles to afford the ever-rising costs of education.

We wish you well as you take your last shot at this. Give it your all. Good luck!


Executive Mayor Cllr John Mpe

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