The Municipal Manager is responsible, subject to the policy direction of the council, for the management of the administration in accordance with the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 and other applicable legislation. Importantly, the municipal manager is tasked with the implementation of the IDP and the monitoring of its progress and making sure that the municipality is financially viable.

The onus is on the municipal manager, as head of the administration, to see to the implementation of the principles and values in his or her administration. Critically, section 51(d) of MSA stipulates that all staff and councillors must align their roles and responsibilities with the priorities and objectives of the IDP. The municipal manager also ensures that everyone within the administration contributes towards the implementation of the IDP through the use of Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP). The SDBIP gives effect to the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and budget of the municipality and requires for the full aligned of both IDP and budget.