Councillors are expected to perform the functions of the office in good faith, honesty and a transparent manner, and at all times act in the best interest of the municipality, and in such a way that the credibility and integrity of the municipality are not compromised.
On 10 November 2023, Capricorn District Municipality and COGHSTA conducted training of Councillors, on the Code of Conduct for Councillors. The training took place at the municipality’s council chamber in Polokwane. This was to ensure that Councillors were always kept abreast with how they should conduct themselves as public representatives.
On 08 June 2023, The Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Thembi Nkadimeng signed the Municipal Structures Act Code of Conduct for Councillors Regulation. To mention but a few stipulated in the regulation, Clause 3 the General Conduct of Councillors stipulates that:
(1) A councillor must –
(a) perform the functions of office in good faith, honestly and in a transparent
(b) at all times act in the best interest of the municipality and in such a way that
the credibility and integrity of the municipality are not compromised; and
(c) during meetings maintain good and orderly behaviour.
(2) If a councillor’s behaviour is unruly, including when such councillor assaults or
threatens to assault an official or another councillor or any other person present
at the meeting –
(a) the chairperson must order the councillor to immediately leave the meeting;
(b) if the councillor fails to obey the order, request a law enforcement official
employed by the municipality to remove the councillor from the meeting.
(3) If a councillor is known to or have been seen to have orchestrated with a group
of members of the public or municipal staff to engage in violent protests or labour
unrest against the municipality –
(a) such councillor must be disciplined by the municipal council for breach of
the Code; and
(b) criminal charges must be laid with the South African Police Services and
any loss or damage suffered by the municipality as a result of such protest
or strike must be recovered from the councillor and cannot be written off.
Councillors were urged to familiarise themselves with the regulation and seek clarity were they do not understand. The meeting was attended by councillors and other officials.

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