CDM recognises fire fighters’ heroism


THOUSANDS of fire fighters were honoured for their selfless dedication and sacrifice when Capricorn District Municipality joined the world in celebrating international fire fighters day in Polokwane on Wednesday.


The aim of the celebration was to motivate, thank, recognise and encourage firefighters and highlight the importance of their work in saving lives, protecting property and the environment, with courage, fortitude and strength.


CDM has got a coherent firefighting force and boasts a massive number of fire fighters who are on high alert and standby every day for 24 hours and some of them are volunteers who risk their lives in selfless service to humanity. “These are moms and dads, siblings and spouses, friends and neighbours who leave their homes every morning and nightfall to prepare for any emergency call and go save lives of strangers”, said MMC for community services Cllr Betty Kgare. She added that it’s hard to think of a more selfless profession than firefighting. “You are God’s gift to humanity”, she praised them.


“Imagine what it takes to put on that heavy uniform coat, that helmet, and override the natural human instinct for self-preservation, and run into danger as others are running away amid agonising cries and screams with limited visibility; to literally walk through raging blaze and thick smoke, carrying a life-saving kit and firefighting equipment to go confront fire head-on knowing that you might never make it out because you’re trying to save people that are strangers”, she said.


Talking a fire fighter, Mr Victor Moloto, he said every single day, they accept “the peril of our job with unflinching hearts and unwavering spirits. We face dangers on a daily basis that many can only imagine. Because of us, homes and loved ones are always safer. We are the last hope for the distressed”, he said, adding that no fire is too big or too small for them. 


In a heart-rending show, fire fighters demonstrated how fires can start and spread within seconds and minutes with an underlying anecdote that fire prevention and mitigation measures are critical. Firefighting trucks and other equipment and how they dispense water were also showcased.




As we celebrate this special duty and service to humanity, let us also honour those that lost their lives while on duty. These are extraordinary people. They set an example for us all. May God bless these fallen heroes. May He watch over their families and all who protect us. May their shining example inspire us all in our own lives”, Kgare said.


International fire fighters day takes place every year on 4 May to recognize and honour the sacrifices they make and risks they take to ensure the safety of communities and environment.











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