CDM Organisational Strategic Planning sesssion underway in Euphoria

Capricorn District Municipality is currently holding its Organizational Strategic Planning session at Euphoria. The session that has started 05 May 2021 will continue until Friday, 07 May 2021.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Mayor, Cllr MJ Mpe said that CDM has excelled in the manner in which we have set out systems to achieve our constitutional objectives and functions as spelt out in sections 156 and 229 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.

“We have our work cut out to take this excellence to the next level. We cannot be seen regressing from the achievements” he said

Part of the key performance area that this strategic planning will be looking at is to come up with strategies that seeks to address the implementation of District Development Model (DDM), the pattern of operating in silos is a challenge which led to lack of coherence in planning and implementation and has made monitoring and oversight of government’s programme difficult. One of the consequences of silo operation has been non-optimal delivery of services and diminished impact on the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and employment that President has announced during SONA in 2018.

As Mpe was giving his five-year performance report and challenges, the Executive Mayor further called for the rolling out of a new integrated district-based approach to address service delivery challenges. He emphasized that since this is the last Council Term before elections, he would like the following to be implemented before the 27 October 2021.

• The completion and operationalising of TT Cholo fire station at Ga-Rampuru
• Embark on learnership programme to train young people on fire fighting
• Ensuring that all water projects are completed in all municipalities
• Ensure that the remaining ten water tankers are delivered and start working
• Revamp Motumo trading posts in Molemole
• Install smart water meters and implement cost recovery
• Maintain Clean Audit and work with locals to ensure they improve their audit opinions
• Council to appoint a committee that will deal with Geographical name recognition
This strategic session is a culmination of IDP Consultations we embarked on with our stakeholders. It will be used as a feeder to the DDM – ONE PLAN.

“It is imperative to fuse our plans and ensure alignment from national and provincial with the wishes and concerns of all our stakeholders, particularly our communities that we involve in the entire planning cycle and public participation processes” Mpe said.

The session will project presentations and plans from different stakeholders such as Magoshi, Sector Departments, Business and our sister municipalities. This will assist in addressing the one plan.


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