CDM launch Wi-fi project at Langlaagte

CDM officially launched a Wi-fi project during the youth talent and arts campaign held at Langlaagte in Blouberg Municipality on 16 October 2019. “The launch of the wi-fi project here is the 2nd in Blouberg Municipality, following the one in Eldorado Multi-Purpose Community Centre (MPCC)”, said Member of the Mayoral Committee for SEMS Cllr Masubelele.

The Wi-fi project is expected to benefit about eleven villages around the Langlaagte area. The project will operate at the Langlaagte MPCC. Speaking during the campaign, Member of Mayoral Committee, Cllr. Jara Masubelele said, “we hope to achieve a crime and drug free society, by investing in programs through youth structures and also have a responsible youth that will contribute to the development of the country”.

Masubelele added that the launching of the Wi- fi project was expected to bridge the internet and information gap around the area. “The youth will be able to access internet to apply to tertiary institutions to further their studies after matric. This will also assist the youth to contribute meaningfully towards the 4IR”, said Cllr Masubelele.

The objectives of the youth talent and arts campaign program were amongst others to promote a healthy & responsible lifestyle amongst the youth, to give the youth a platform to showcase their talent and to discourage the use of drugs and alcohol.

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