CDM hosts CBO Summit

CDM met with CBOs at Bolivia Lodge yesterday to empower CBOs about milestones and to commend them for all the gallant efforts in helping fight the scourge of diseases and poverty. Because local government alone cannot win this colossal battle against many persistent socio-economic challenges of the day.

 the yesterday’s meeting was therefore about calling on CBOs to continue supporting each other’s side by side towards the future. “We are building a district where every sector including NGOs/CBOs should feel free to plan with CDM, build the District with us, advise the district, make recommendations on how best we can tap on their expertise and experience” Acting Mayor, Cllr Mahlo said.

CDM know that CBOs still have to contend with many setbacks in terms of resources but they have the will to help the district have strength in a range of areas. And the district was there to listen to such setbacks and challenges so we can come up with solutions; and this summit is all about that.

Furthermore, in this youth month, CDM also want to intensify our fight against substance abuse. Marijuana, nyaope, alcohol abuse and other substances that are ravaging our youth.

These social ills compromise the future of our children by depriving them of their education and deny them youth development opportunities. The social ills have even found market in our schools.

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