CDM host Traditional Medicine Day

Capricorn District hosted the Traditional Medicine Day yesterday at Moletjie Moshate traditional offices. The celebration was convened to energise our partnership and collective to solve the most pressing health challenges of our times.

CDM firmly believe that no single sector or institution alone can be responsible to fighting any disease – whether emotional, physical, psychological or otherwise. And as a nation, we can only succeed if we share resources, wisdom, knowledge, diverse expertise and spirit of willingness to work together.

Traditional healers occupy a strategic position in fighting many illnesses of the day, and helping government to spread the message of prevention, treatment and care programmes of HIV/Aids as well as TB.

This is because they command an overwhelming respect in our communities and that should be seen as a strength, and as an inspiration and a vital communication resource that can government can tap into and use to manage the spread of illnesses.

“I got no doubt that this ceremony doesn’t only celebrate conventional expertise in traditional medicine but also strengthen partnership and ensure that we save humanity from chronic, treatable and curable illnesses.

We know as Africans, we prefer to see traditional healers when we experience symptoms of life-threatening diseases or when we can’t explain certain benign symptoms of any illnesses” the Executive Mayor said.

As the district municipality, we advocate the acceptance of traditional healers in our society because we have overwhelming confidence in the ability of each and every one of them out of the clutches of death that we find ourselves in.


We know traditional healers, like any other health practitioner, have challenges that confront them when offering their services to patients. But CDM is confident that collective wisdom, consultation and expertise will help address problems related to your practices.

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