CDM clarify a statement made by DA

Capricorn District Municipality would like to clarify a statement written by the Democratic Alliance which was to be forwarded to the Human Rights Commission claiming that CDM is failing to provide consistent clean water to the residents of Klipheuvel in Ward 1 under the Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality for the past five months is not true.

Klipheuwel has a Water Scheme which is supplied by two types of sources, the sandpit (an old source) and a pair of boreholes (new source). These sources are designed to cover four villages, Klipheuwel; Seruleng; Khureng and Mehlareng.

In early December 2019, the Pump Station at the old water source supplying the Scheme was flooded by the nearby stream due to heavy rains. These floods damaged a lot of infrastructure that is stationed at this pump station. Amongst the infrastructure that was submerged and damaged were the Eskom meter boxes and cables, municipal submersible and surface pumps.

Our maintenance team subsequently reported the matter to Eskom and further attempted to repair the damaged municipal infrastructure – upon which they encountered challenges in that the stream was still flooded, submerging the pump station along with the Eskom infrastructure. However, at that time of damages, CDM continued to ensure that the community receives water.

Following Eskom’s power reconnection, on the 26th of February the maintenance team managed to pump water to the people.

The residents are currently getting water from the running scheme and we have augmented with two water tankers to assist the community.

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