Capricorn District joins provincial women’s day celebration


Capricorn District Municipality joined women of Limpopo in celebration of Women’s Day that was held on 09 August 2017 at Ga-Mushi village Mogalakwena Municipality in the Waterberg District. The celebration was led by the Premier of Limpopo Stan Mathabatha.


The premier praised the women of note who stood against all odds to fight for this country. Charlotte Maxeke, Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophia Williams etc. These women took matters into their own hands and refused to be subjected to the cruelty of restrictions which were being experienced by their male counterparts. They knew that if they remain silent, their children will suffer the consequences. They were being deprived an opportunity to provide for their children and families as their husbands, brothers and fathers were restricted.


These women’s bravery should be celebrated with no compromise as we rip the fruits of democracy because of their hard fought freedom. United they showed Strydom, the power of women, “Wa thintha bafazi, wa thintha imbokodo”.


The women’s day celebration was attended by women from all five districts in the province and the day was filled with activities. Artists and traditional dancers kept the people entertained.  


The provincial women’s day follows the launch of women’s month that took place at Leboeng Village in Sekhukhune District on 01 August 2017. The official launch of women’s month outlined the month long activities dedicated to celebrating women in the province at all spheres of government. The women’s month was officially launched by MEC Makoma Makhurupetje on behalf of the premier.


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