Cllr Matome Calvin Masoga

The Chief Whip


The Role of the Chief Whip


Office of the Chief Whip is the nerve centre of the ruling party’s political management system and the engine of cohesion, discipline and accountability of all public representatives to the structures of the movement and their constituencies.  The Chief Whip is accountable to the Regional Executive Committee (REC) on the day to day work of the party’s public representatives. Together with the Office of the Executive Mayor and the Speaker, the Chief Whip’s Office is the central pillar on which the governing party’s programme stands or fall.


The Office of the Chief Whip has a duty to ensure effective management among all these three key centres of authority and to do this effectively, the Chief Whip has to work very closely and  dynamically with the Regional Secretary. The Chief Whip and the Caucus Leadership bear the leadership  responsibility of motivating, advising and instilling discipline among all members of the Caucus. Chief Whip is responsible for the supervision and management of the staff of the party’s caucus as well the efficient running and coordination of constituency work of councillors.


What is Caucus?

  • The Caucus is the collective custodian of the party’s policy in Government, on behalf of the constitutional structures.
  • It is responsible for ensuring cohesion and discipline among cadres in the municipality
  • Its decisions are binding on all cadres and they can only be voted by the party’s  constitutional structures
  • It receives reports from the Executive Mayor on the implementation of the party’s  Manifesto and its programmes. 

Cllr John Mpe - The Executive Mayor

Public Notices
  • Council Meeting Suspended

    Please be notified that the Notice that was given in terms of Chapter 4, Section 19 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) a ...

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Photo Gallery
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  • Kgoshi Ratshaatshaa Maleboho
    Kgoshi Ratshaatshaa Maleboho
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