CDM joined teachers and principals in Capricorn South in celebrating Teachers Day in Polokwane on 16 October 2020. 

As CDM places a high premium on education because it is a societal issue which requires all sectors, Organs of State and communities to work together towards a common goal of building a brighter future for children, the Municipality remains a core associate in this endeavor to help educators achieve excellence. 


MMC Cllr Jarah Masubelele paid respect to them for having walked a dangerous path since lockdown and traversed a ground which many were too scared to. He said despite demoralizing challenges such as lack of resources, inadequate support from parents, learner ill-discipline, teachers still weather the storm and remain committed to the cause of securing children's future because they know education is a ladder out of poverty. 


 "We are with you today because our learners find hope, courage and resilience under your wings and stand on your shoulders as pioneers who paved the way for them when it was all doom and gloom in the wake of coronavirus pandemic", he said. 


He said educators are nature’s foremost dispensers of societal values in that they pass on knowledge and values to children, prepare them for further education and for working life. "You are the resource of excellence. Your role as an educator is very complex, far beyond what people would assume as just someone who teaches that which is mandated by the curriculum", he said, adding that "yours is not an easy job because being a teacher goes beyond mere teaching". 


Masubelele committed CDM’s unwavering commitment to support them in their quest to deliver quality basic education.



Cllr John Mpe - The Executive Mayor

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